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Have A Banner Day – Three Reasons Why Banner Ads Pay Off With Increase Website Activity

Posted on February 8, 2023

by KeyboardPie


The idea of using a banner ad for your website is a good one. The real money is in ads on the Internet. If you are unsure about the real benefits of using banner ads, take some time to read more about what banner ads actually are and how to use them so you can make some real profits with your site.

Banner ads are nothing more than simplified HTML code with a link embedded in the code. Banner ads come in all different sizes. Some are as large a 486x60 and some are as small as the tiny size of 88x31. The graphics combined with the text information is what makes banners ads shine. Clicking on it will bring a potential customer right to your site, and then you have a chance to make a sell. Having a well laid out website and clearly written instructions is the next key to selling. Even if your advertising efforts don’t pay off immediately – don’t despair. If your ad is intense enough graphically and texturally, it will leave them with a memory of it, and they are likely will return and purchase your product.

How do you get a banner ad placed on the Internet? First, you need to understand that it does cost you money in most instances to place a banner ad. You can pay a company to post it or arrange to have it posted on an independent website. Other advertisers such as you will evaluate if your banner ad will be successful at their site. They look at page views and how many hits your website receives per month. They might also evaluate click through rates as well, depending on if you have a pay per click program. They will take into consideration how much it is going to cost them too. Remember they have to pay for bandwidth, and if does not benefit them economically, they might not add your banner. You’ll have to post at a 2 to 1 ratio. In other words, you will have to place two of their banners in exchange for them posting one of yours. You can also start your own affiliate program, which has minor click through cost.

Now that you know a little more about banner ads, you need to realize their importance for your website. 

By posting banner ads, you will rise up in the search engine rankings. Your product, with enough ads and strategic placement, will silently push your page up in the engine ranking. You will get more visitors and more exposure, thus increasing your chances of selling a product. 

After exchanging banners with a few quality sites, more sites will want to exchange or let you buy advertising space with them. It will definitely increase your website visitors and increase profits at the same time. 

Using banner ads as advertising space helps you get more visitors to your website. 

These three ideas are primary for increasing website site traffic. You will need to be aware of some general rules of thumb though. Make sure that you have the patience to let your banner ads work their magic. Whether you are saving up to pay a banner ad company to post your banners or if you are trying to sell advertising space at your own website for banner ads, it will take time. You will need extra patience if you are contacting independent site owners and asking for their approval to exchange banners. Always join quality sites that are well ranked and have a relevance to your site content. 

There are some drawbacks to using a banner ad to get more website activity. You could end up with so many ads that your site will be a maze that a lot of visitors will just click away from. And, there may be some objectionable ads of an adult nature that you will have to live with. Consider that you will need to have some capitol to create your banners, and that cost varies according to size and complexity of the design. You will need to update and continually post new banner ads as other ads change or they are no longer relevant to your content material. Overall, make sure your site design and budget can withstand banner ad usage. 

In the end, you will find that banner ads are worth the work and effort. They have in the past raised website visitations through people looking for products or information online. By working at it, you will find that your profits will increase. In the end that’s the name of the game.

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