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You must agree to these terms and conditions and additional terms and conditions outlined here ( before using Frankly Deals LLC, it’s sites, services and programs. If you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions please stop using Frankly Deals, LLC, it’s website (‘’), services and programs.

Merchant is provider/ seller of products and or services and Frankly Deals, LLC provides marketing services for merchant’s products and or services through it’s website (“”) and other networking platforms.

Creating a Seller Account : Merchant/seller is required to create an account on We may only approve sellers and or merchants from United States and it’s territories at this time. If we think that products and or services you offer meets our terms, conditions and guidelines, your merchant account will be approved and you will be able to submit your deal/s from your account dashboard.

Deal Acceptance: We ‘Frankly Deals, LLC reserve the right to approve or disapprove any deals submitted by merchant and or seller for any known or unknown reasons before publishing to the website ( Depending on the deals submitted you may be asked to provide additional information and or for clarifications about your deals. If your deal/s meets our terms and conditions, It may be published.

Deal Information : As a merchant/seller you agree to provide accurate and complete information regarding any and all products and or services referred to as a “deal”, “deals” offered including but not limited to availability, dates, quantities, deal schedule, locations to receive products and or services, voucher codes, shipping arrangement, shipping costs, terms and conditions, bonus items and or additional services, hidden fees, additional fees, exchange, return terms, and additional terms, any other necessary information related to “deal”, “deals”.

Deal Content : Merchant/seller agrees to let Frankly Deals, LLC use it’s (“merchant’s) logo, patents, trademarks and or any other deal related content to promote merchant’s products and or services.

Submitting deals on the site :  Provide accurate and complete information about your business name, address, phone and contact details.  Subscribe to monthly or annual store plan and start submitting deals from your account dashboard. (The reviewing process may take up to 48 hours). Please fill out all the details on new deal page to avoid delays. You will be contacted if additional information is needed. If your deals meet our terms and conditions, they will be published online. You can view all of your deals in your account. Additional terms and conditions are outlined here. Contact us directly if you need assistance with submitting your deal/s at

Deal Pricing : Deal price is solely set by merchant and or seller. We “Frankly Deals, LLC do not set the price for deals provided by merchants and or seller and or businesses, however, we intent to offer products and or services to our customers at discounted rate for up to 90% off retails price.  We reserve the right to reject or approve any deals based on price set by merchant depending on same kind of products and or services available on third party website and or store at discounted rates.

Merchant Links: As a merchant you agree that you will provide functional web links, email address and or contact information related to your deals. Any spam  links, harmful software download links, any illegal products and services link, inappropriate and or adult content links are prohibited. You will be banned from using Frankly Deals LLC, it’s sites, programs and services and your merchant account and or personal account with us will be discontinued, blocked and or deactivated with or without notice.

Seller Plans :  Sellers are required to subscribe to monthly or annual plan to publish unlimited deals. View latest pricing here. You can start submitting deals instantly after subscribing.

Payments : Frankly Deals, LLC will receive payments from customers and or buyers for any products and or services referred to as deal/deals sold on ( Frankly Deals, LLC will charge certain percentage of total deal sale based on deal/s and or merchant agreement for providing marketing services as a commission and or marketing fees. You will receive (deducted commissions and fees) payments for your deals.

If you are selling deals on, you are responsible to collect applicable state and local sales taxes. You can enter sales tax information on submit deal page. You can add tax rate for any state in United States. Please do your research and enter correct % for your deal. Some states require sales tax and some don't. Contact your state and local tax agencies to find out exact tax amount for item you want to sell.

You agree that you are obligated to collect, report any applicable federal, state and or city taxes, sales taxes or any other taxes based on payments received by you (the merchant) for products and or services. Your receivable payments from Frankly Deals, LLC will be considered paid in full without any additional tax obligations.

Exclusions and Limitations: Merchant is provider of products and or services based on description provided on deal page. You as merchant is solely responsible for providing products and or services, shipping arrangements, scheduling appointments and other necessary arrangements to customers and buyers who purchase your deals. You agree that Frankly Deals LLC it’s administrators, associates, employees and any associated with it are not responsible for any and all kind of damages including but not limited to direct loss, loss of business or profits (whether or not the loss of such profits was foreseeable, arose in the normal course of things or you have advised this Frankly Deals, LLC of the possibility of such potential loss), damage caused by you, your products and or services and or to your computer, computer software, systems and programs and the data thereon or any other direct or indirect, consequential and incidental damages, legal consequences, attorneys fees as a result of your association with Frankly Deals, LLC and it’s website (“”), services and programs. The above exclusions and limitations apply only to the extent permitted by law.

Check out additional terms and conditions here.

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