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How to search for items?

Enter keyword in search box to find available items. You can also click on item categories on main menu.

How to order an item?

Search for items using search box or category menu. Click on BUY Now button to buy a deal.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards.

What type of products and services are accepted?

You can list almost any type of product and service as long as they are appropriate, user friendly, legal, spam free and virus free.

Can I feature my deals?

Of course. We can feature your deals on front page of our website or sidebar of the listings for maximum exposure for a small fee.

How many deals can i list?

There is no limit on deal listings, however we do not allow same type of listing from same listing author to prevent duplicate content.

What If I purchased wrong Deal/product/service?

Please contact us immediately. Please keep in mind that some deals are refundable and some deals are non-refundable.

What if i did not receive the product or service I purchased?

Contact merchant/seller directly using their contact information. If you still having issues please contact us using our help center.

Can I buy same deal more than one time?

It depends on the deal being offered. Please read details on each deal before you buy.

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